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How to pick the perfect evening dress?

 Nowadays, evening dresses are no longer unfamiliar to young people. Most of them are getting married, attending dinner parties, and the host of the party wears evening dresses to participate in activities. Corresponding selection of evening dresses that suit you has attracted our attention. Here is an introduction to the basic points of choosing an evening dress that suits you. Plump We suggest to choose the dress with a v-neck, low waist, and simple lines. The decoration of the neckline can be richer to attract others' eyes from the body to the neck. The veil should be simple and slightly longer. Full hip It is advisable to wear a loose skirt, a low-shoulder or sleeveless design that emphasizes the shoulders, and try to move the eyes of others up. Busty  The impressive upper line can be emphasized by wearing a low-cut dress, but if the proportions are not very beautiful, choose some heart-shaped collar or simple neckline design when choosing a dress to reduce the exaggeration of

How Does the COVID-19 Boosts Online Shopping?

We all know that the COVID-19 is very contagious, with the spread of the COVID-19 all over the world, many countries have banned gatherings and encourage people to keep a certain safe distance to isolate the virus if need going out. So we're wondering in this situation, will people still shopping? The answer is yes, they might worried about local store shpping, and just because of this concern, it will boost online shopping directly. News on August 5, according to foreign media reports, Google Cloud is actively preparing for the fourth quarter of the US retail sales will surge, and retailers need to rely on Google Cloud services. Google Cloud predicts that due to the lockdown measures caused by the new crown epidemic, online shopping during holidays will reach a record scale. Take for example, there's a 10% increase of the sales in swimwears and summer dresses compared to last year. Many people do not understand how? But it can be explained, first of all, they st

How to Prepare a Perfect Summer Beach Wedding?

Venue Not all beaches can be built privately as wedding venues, and there are many public beaches in the peak tourist season. But now many hotels and resorts now have their own beaches that are specially provided for newcomers who want to do weddings. So the best way is checking with them, they will handle everything for you. You can communicate with them about the style you like.  The main color of the beach wedding is recommended to be light blue and pure white. Well-decorated arches, gourmet food on the dining table, flowers on the table, bows on the back of the chair, etc., can add different colors to the wedding, even Some wind chimes made of shells, the preparation of these small details can impress guests. Bridal Wears The first point for a beach-themed bride to choose a  wedding dress  is to be light and simple. You must not choose a wedding dress with a large tail. The groom should coordinate with the bride in the overall shape. The newlyweds should be dressed like the sea, gi