How Does the COVID-19 Boosts Online Shopping?

We all know that the COVID-19 is very contagious, with the spread of the COVID-19 all over the world, many countries have banned gatherings and encourage people to keep a certain safe distance to isolate the virus if need going out. So we're wondering in this situation, will people still shopping? The answer is yes, they might worried about local store shpping, and just because of this concern, it will boost online shopping directly.

News on August 5, according to foreign media reports, Google Cloud is actively preparing for the fourth quarter of the US retail sales will surge, and retailers need to rely on Google Cloud services. Google Cloud predicts that due to the lockdown measures caused by the new crown epidemic, online shopping during holidays will reach a record scale. Take for example, there's a 10% increase of the sales in swimwears and summer dresses compared to last year. Many people do not understand how? But it can be explained, first of all, they stayed home for a long time, and their desire to going to the beach is stronger, that's why they need bikinis or beach dresses, second, many people are now wearing protective face masks, it is safer outside than before, many people still need go to work and they need dresses in this season. In the last, I believe you all have heard that the government of the US dispatches cashes directly to their citizens, so they have money to shop online.

In China, during the epidemic, most physical stores were closed. E-commerce platforms such as Tmall Supermarket, JD Daojia, Meituan, and online shopping platforms of major supermarkets seized the opportunity at the right time and promised consumers not to close during the Spring Festival, thus ushering in a peak of sales.

Although citizens hardly leave their homes, many daily necessities need to be replenished in time. Therefore, the "online shopping, offline delivery" service launched by large supermarket chains is convenient and fast, and it has become the first choice for some citizens to shop. That's how the COVID-19 boost online shopping.


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